Friday, January 7, 2011

Dangerous Delusions

Wow.  People sure can delude themselves into interpreting things to their own dysfunctional views.  And they then preach their uneducated, nonsensical, contradictory, poorly written dribble as expertise.
It feeds into their sickness.  Feelings of superiority and entitlement are what make up an abuser’s M. O. If they’re not directly pummeling others with their fists, legs, or whatever, then maybe their current abuse-of-choice is conning others for money or emotional support that they’ve contrived from otherwise shattered people.
An abuser who never saw themselves that way despite the evidence, and never acknowledges the damage directly caused by them, or who twists things into thinking they are now enlightened and were too nice and that it wasn’t them, is probably more dangerous now than when they were raging, out-of-control thugs. 
The ultimate insult and arrogance to the victims left behind and those yet to be, is to impersonate and advertise themselves as a type of healer but, really, it’s nothing more than a type of extortion. And victimization yet again. All the while trying to fill their own bottomless pit of need.  
Congratulations, you’ve just hit a new low. 

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